Your Committees

Giving ... receiving ... giving back. It's a life cycle that motivates and maintains life in our community ... your community. Consider volunteering with the Chamber of Commerce. The best way to maintain the quality of work done by the Chamber committees, and to achieve the goals and objectives of the Chamber is to supplement our limited staff with an enthusiastic force of volunteers.

Committee Responsibilities

1.     Member Services  
        a)  Develop a program to increase membership by promoting the value of Chamber membership.
        b)  Organize and promote the following:
             i)  Membership Ambassador – visiting new and existing businesses, arranging
                  new member orientation, being the new member liaison at meetings, etc.
            ii)  General Meetings - arrange menu, venue, speaker and networking
                  format for general meetings.
            iii)  Seminars - arrange venue, speaker, format, etc.

2.     Marketing Committee
        a)  Manage advertising and online presence
        b)  Shop Local/Local First program

3.     Didsbury Art, Travel and Trade Expo Committee
        a)  Organize and promote Annual Art, Travel and Trade Expo.

4.     Spring BBQ Committee
        a)  Organize and promote Spring BBQ.

5.     Country Christmas Committee
        b)  Organize and promote Annual Country Christmas.

6.     Small Business Week Committee
        a)  Organize and promote Small Business Week Gala
        b)  Organize and promote SBW Awards

7.     Policy/Issues Committee
        a)  To develop Chamber position on issues of current interest to the Didsbury business community
        b)  To present Chamber position to appropriate regulatory bodies.